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Important factors to consider before installing flat panel TV sets

One of the best luxuries many people enjoy today is having a plasma or LCD TV in their homes. This is because the viewing experience from these TVs cannot be compared to that of traditional CRT TV models. Plasma and LCD TVs are known to have the best quality in sound and picture, whilst also being sleek, sophisticated and modern.

To get the most out of your gorgeous new TV and enjoy its features to the full, you should consider mounting it on TV brackets. The following are some tips to help you choose the perfect TV bracket for your TV set.

Choose the right TV bracket

The first thing you need to consider, before buying your LCD TV, is which TV brackets it will need. There are different types of TV brackets available, so think carefully about which kind will suit your needs before buying it.

The different options you can choose from are: wall mounted TV brackets, tilting TV brackets, swivel arm TV brackets and cantilever TV brackets.

Select the right place

After you have picked out the right TV brackets, you need to select the right place in your home to mount your LCD TV.  If your plasma or LCD TV is being mounted on a wall it is important to mount it high enough, out of the reach of children. Ideally, a light coloured wall that is free of objects is the best choice.

TV brackets – why should you use them?

Are you looking for some safety features for your TV set? It is highly recommended that you opt for TV brackets if you want to protect your TV unit.

Mounting your TV unit easily

With TV brackets, you can mount your TV set to the wall without any difficulty, as the installation process is similar to the action of mounting a painting on your wall. Mounting TV sets in this way also helps you to clear up some floor space, which you can then use for the placement of other accessories or furniture items.

Protecting your TV unit

You can provide optimum protection to your TV set with the help of TV brackets. These brackets consist of secured connections that hold your TV set securely in place, preventing it from falling or otherwise becoming damaged. 

Flexible viewing angle

TV brackets like tilt and swivel wall mounts allow users to adjust the angle of the TV screen. Therefore, viewers can enjoy their TV programmes without changing their sitting position. This particular installation feature is perfect for getting a complete home-cinema experience.

Long lasting

These wall mounts are also durable in nature, and some may, in fact, outlive the TV set. So, what are you waiting for? Install TV brackets and enjoy all the above mentioned benefits.

TV brackets – Things to consider before opting for LCD TV wall mounts

The popularity of LCD TV sets has rocketed in recent times due to their advanced features and superb audio and video quality.

Gone are the days when TV sets were simply used to show TV programmes and sports matches. Modern day television sets have HDMI ports that allow users to connect the TV with their laptop or desktop computer and enjoy internet connectivity on a large screen.

You can further enhance the features of your LCD TV by mounting it on the wall. TV brackets help to mount the TV at a height that is comfortable and convenient for the viewer. 

Why should you opt for TV wall brackets?

The most notable benefit of opting for TV wall brackets is the amount of space they will help to save you in your living room. CRT TV sets used to occupy a lot of floor space. However, with the introduction of wall mounts, you can save this space and use it for some other decorative accessory.

TV wall brackets also ensure that your expensive TV set is mounted out of reach of children or pets. Apart from safety, they also provide the viewer with an improved viewing experience. The joy of watching your favourite film or sports match with the best possible view is incomparable.

Factors you need to know prior to purchasing TV wall brackets

The type of wall on which the TV will be mounted should be considered. A damp wall is not an ideal place for it. It is important to ensure that the wall bracket you choose is sturdy and capable of holding the weight of your TV set.

World’s largest LCD 3D TV introduced by LG

Good news is coming the way of LCD TV lovers, as LG has recently launched the world’s largest LCD 3D TV – the 72 LEX9. This 72-inch screen with LED backlight supports a 480Hz TruMotion panel with amazing contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1.

This TV was first spotted in September at the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin, where industry experts where impressed by its 3-4 centimetre thickness despite its huge screen size.

LG’s 72 LEX9 TV allows the user to enjoy YouTube and Google Picasa on their TV screen. This model also uses Nano LED backlighting technology to offer the very best picture quality. If this wasn’t enough for today’s demanding viewer, the viewing experience can be further enhanced by wearing Stereoscopic 3D glasses.

Mount this TV on an LCD TV bracket

Anyone buying and installing this TV needs to take extra care due to its huge size. Mounting it on LCD TV brackets will not only safeguard the screen but will also take care of the TV’s accessories as well. This includes everything from DVD players and Blu-ray players to other cables attached to the screen.

Things you should know before buying LCD TV brackets

There are a wide range of LCD TV brackets now available on the market. Because of the growing popularity of LCD TVs and the advanced technologies used, LCD TV brackets now come with many enhanced features and facilities.

If you have recently purchased an LCD TV or are planning to buy one then here are few things you should know about these TV brackets:

Types of LCD TV wall brackets

There are three main types of LCD wall mounts:

Tilt TV brackets – These are flexible wall mounts which allow you to install them at a height and still tilt the screen to a comfortable viewing angle.  Tilt TV brackets are therefore suitable for public places and corporate premises.

Swivel TV brackets – These TV brackets can be rotated by 180 degrees so that the TV viewing angle can be easily adjusted to suit the users’ preference. 

Flush wall mounts – These are immobile brackets, which is why they are the cheapest type available.  However, they are affordable and are perfectly suited for homes with less space available.

Things to consider before investing in LCD TV bracket

Always buy a quality product. Many people compromise on quality for discounted rates. This is a mistake, as a low quality TV bracket can damage your TV irreversibly. Also, make sure to buy your LCD TV bracket from a well-known or reputable retailer.

The size and weight of your TV should also be considered, as a wrong sized TV bracket may not be able to hold the weight of your TV and will damage it.

How to choose TV brackets

There are many varieties of TV brackets available on the market. This can make it difficult to work out which one will suit your particular TV model and the conditions of your home. Some of the most popular types used these days include:

•    Tilt TV brackets
•    Swivel TV brackets
•    Ultra slim TV brackets
•    Ceiling TV brackets
•    Corner TV brackets

To find the right TV brackets for you, consider the following issues:

Is there enough space available in the room?

Space is the primary factor to be considered. Even ultra slim TV brackets can give your wall a messy look if proper space is not available.

You can use:

•    Corner TV brackets to install your TV in a corner when no other space is available.
•    Ceiling TV brackets installed on the ceiling without occupying floor or wall space.

The size of the TV screen

This will again help you to find a suitable TV bracket that suits your TV perfectly. The wrong size wall mount will not only waste your money but may also damage your TV screen. You can find TV brackets of varying sizes, some of the most common being for 13 to 24 inch screens, 25 to 42 inch screens and 36 to 70 inch screens.

Besides size, the weight of the TV should also be considered. If the TV bracket fails to hold the weight of your TV, it might collapse.

Flat TV brackets and tilt TV brackets - a comparison

If you have just purchased a super slim LCD TV, you will also need to get the right TV bracket with which to mount it on the wall. TV brackets are designed to provide support to flat screen televisions.

There are many different types of them available on the market nowadays, which often makes it difficult to pick out the right one for your TV. To help, here’s a brief explanation of each:

Flat TV brackets

Flat TV brackets are the most traditional type of TV brackets. They are also the most affordable ones, so if you are a budget spender flat TV brackets will be perfect for you.

These TV brackets are also ideal for large screen size televisions as they make the TV protrude less from the wall.

Installing your LCD TV on the wall using flat TV brackets is simple, meaning that you can do it yourself without having much DIY knowledge.

One downside of flat TV brackets, however, is that once mounted, you cannot change the angle or position of the LCD TV screen. The TV remains in a fixed position all the time.

Tilt TV brackets

Tilt TV brackets are similar to flat TV brackets in many ways, but with one crucial difference – they allow you to tilt the TV screen up and down. The tilt feature is beneficial when you want to adjust the screen to avoid the strong glare of the sun.

LCD TV wall brackets – how to choose them

Once you have bought your LCD TV, it is necessary to take proper care of it. Buying a TV bracket for it and fixing it at an appropriate place is the first step you should take towards its safety and security. This TV bracket should be properly selected, so here are a few tips to help you choose the right wall mount for your LCD TV.

Choose LCD TV wall brackets

It is recommended that you buy LCD TV wall brackets for your newly purchased LCD television. These brackets are manufactured to suit the many different features of LCD TVs, such as securing your TV accessories, such as extra cables for DVD players and other devices, without damaging them.

LCD TV screens are getting slimmer day by day. If you buy a conventional TV stand, it will take up more space than required. LCD TV wall brackets are ultra slim and save space, giving your home a clean, neat, modern look.

Consider the mounting location

The mounting location you choose will also determine exactly which type of LCD TV wall bracket you should buy. If there is not much space in your house, you can buy corner TV brackets. These allow you to utilise the corner of your house without blocking other required space. Tilt and swivel TV brackets can be used in bigger houses as the viewing angle can be easily adjusted.

Why should you opt for TV wall brackets?

TV wall brackets are support devices required by all flat screen televisions, especially LCD TVs. If you have recently bought a flat screen television, it is important that you purchase the right TV wall brackets for it.

The following are some of the main benefits of TV wall brackets:

Clear up some floor space

TV wall brackets are excellent space saving devices for your home. Once you start using TV wall brackets to mount your LCD TV, you will never feel like going back to the old way of placing TVs on bulky cabinets, tables or TV stands.

With TV wall brackets, you can place your TV firmly on the wall without having to worry about the TV falling and sustaining damage. This also helps to free up a lot of floor space, which you can then use for any other purpose you like.  

Chic style

TV wall brackets are the latest accessories that you can use to enhance your home décor. Not only do they provide valuable support for your flat screen television; they are also stylish devices that complement any style of home décor.

Your LCD TV is a stylish piece of device. If placed on dull looking pedestal stands or furniture stands, it will only look like a bulky piece of device. Mounting your already-stylish LCD TV using TV wall brackets makes your home look elegant and contemporary, without you having to spend a fortune on expensive décor. 

Comfortable viewing

With TV wall brackets, you can adjust the angle of your LCD TV as per your needs. You can tilt and rotate the screen to get the best viewing angle so that if you are sitting on the couch or lying down on the bed, you can still watch TV in comfort.

TV brackets - how do they enhance home décor?

If you have bought a brand new flat screen television for your home, then the next thing worth buying is TV brackets. Not buying the right TV brackets, however, could prove costly in the long run.

There are various benefits of purchasing TV brackets for your LCD TV. Just a few of these are listed below.

Space savers

You will be amazed at the amount of free space available once you mount your LCD TV on the wall. You don’t need bulky furniture, stands or cabinets, and these are not suitable for flat screen LCD TVs anyway.

You can use the free space created to keep other accessories like shoe racks or an antique piece of furniture. Apart from this, the free space can create an illusion of spaciousness and chic minimalism in almost any sized room. 

Styles and designs

The good thing about TV brackets is that they come in different colours and designs, making them a stylish accessory. You can select a colour that matches your LCD TV, your wall décor or simply your own personal tastes.

It is important to note, however, that every LCD TV requires a specific TV bracket and this bracket cannot be used for any other TV.